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Spring Term 2010 Mrs Littler's Class Room 13

What a busy start to 2010! We have begun the new year with our exciting "Around the World" topic after reading the book "The Great Around the World Balloon Race" by Sue Scullard. First stop was Africa where we made passports for African animals on the computer, learned all about life in an African village as well as enjoying the traditional African tale "Why Frog and Snake can't be Friends"
We were also fortunate to be visited by the musician Steve Hill with his amazing selection of African drums and percussion instruments. We were lucky to have a try on most of his drums...what an experience! Soon, we were off on our travels again, this time heading for India! In Literacy, we listed Indian animals in alphabetical order then wrote a glossary using interesting words. We had great fun making super King Cobras from clay, thanks to the demonstration from our resident clay expert, Mrs Shaw!
Next we were off to China! Thanks go to Mrs Rothwell who gave us a fantastic talk about this amazing country and taught us how to count and say "hello" in Chinese! We couldn't believe that she'd brought all those artefacts back home with her on the plane! We have written great recounts of her informative visit. We even remembered that Chinese people take three sips of green tea signifying health, wealth and happiness!
In Science, we are nearly finished our exciting work on forces.  We have had fun experimenting with blow-pipes and magnets and investigating different ways to make a tissue paper fish travel the fastest in the hall, making sure, of course, that our tests were fair! This week we are finding out more about Friction and watching some interesting video clips.
Our recent Arts Week was a great success and some superb work was produced.  The topic this year was appropriately named "Buildings and Machines!  We enjoyed some excellent dance and drama workshops as well as producing some spectacular skylines and paintings.  In music, we listened to the sound of the builders at work and then played a variety of instruments to copy these sounds, with amazing results!

Picture 1 Red and gold lanterns
Picture 2 Painting
Picture 3 A beautiful Chinese figure
Picture 4 Statue of a Warrior
Picture 5 Mrs Rothwell
Picture 6 Sketching city skylines
Picture 7 Painting mixed up animals