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Spring Term 2010 Mrs Mayor's Class Room 15

Year two is a very busy place to be at the moment!  We are in the middle of our "Around the World" topic and have already stopped off at Africa and India. Next stop is China and we are again looking forward to Mrs Rothwell's wonderfully informative talk about her travels. Still to come, a quick trip to the land down under as we stop off in Australia and then a quick tour of Europe as the topic comes to a close.
Our recent Arts Week was a great success and some superb work was produced.  Fittingly, the topic this year was buildings and machines!  We enjoyed some fun dance and drama workshops as well as producing some spectacular skylines and paintings.  In music, we listened to the sound of the builders at work and then played a variety of instruments to bring the noise inside.  Mrs Mayor's headache is just clearing!
We were also fortunate to be visited by the musician Steve Hill with his amazing selection of African drums and percussion instruments. We had a lesson on keeping the beat and nearly took the roof off the studio!  Just what did Steve have on his ears?
In science, we have been exploring forces and investigated the best force to make a paper fish travel.  After all the planning and predicting we set into action with balloon-pumps, fans, card, straws and just good old fashioned blowing in a lively race.
Picture 1
Picture 2 Using the keyboards to make noises like machinery
Picture 3 Now was this force a push or pull?
Picture 4 Investigating forces
Picture 5 The door to our classroom during Arts Week
Picture 6 Some of our wonderful artwork
Picture 7 Working together to be the body of a plane
Picture 8 Having fun with the African drums
Picture 9 Fantastic collages inspired by an African story
Picture 10 Steve and his amazing selection of instruments