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Spring Term 2011 Mrs Littler Room 13

Welcome back and a very happy 2011! As ever, we have had a very busy start to the Spring Term. 
We are learning about our wonderful seaside town and have enjoyed finding out about its Victorian history and fascinating buildings and statues. As part of Southport's Learning Partnership Enterprise Project, the children in Year 2 have some up with great suggestions of ways to improve Southport!  Ideas have included a fantastic Football Stadium (for adults and children) a Build-a-Bear Store, a Sunshine Factory, a giant Fun Fair and a water type park consisting of mainly fountain jets which work by pressing various buttons!! We all voted on which idea would not only be best but one which would bring visitors to our town and increase tourism. The winner (as you will notice from our graph photos was...the fountain water park!) We then voted on suitable names for our fountains and Lily's suggestion received most votes. We proudly introduce "ENCHANTED FOUNTAINS FOR LITTLE PEOPLE"  The children in Room 13 want only ages up to 9 years to come to their park and they wish it to be situated on Lord Street, outside the Arts Centre and Library. We have had great fun (as well as further developing all sorts of skills)...designing posters to advertise "Enchanted Fountains," making 2D and 3D models and we have even written to the Mayor of Sefton asking for funding for our project!! So look out! (see our photos below for more info.)
During Chinese New Year we enjoyed using the instruments and learnt some Chinese music. Playing  together was fantastic and we felt very proud. (see our photos below)
We continue to work in four different Numeracy Groups and have been very busy revising number bonds and investigating right angles around school! (see our photos)
After half term, we will be extending our geographical skills beyond Southport as we fly off on our Round the World trip by hot-air balloon, visiting countries such as China, Australia, India and Africa.
We were amazed on entering the Studio to see Mrs Rothwell dressed in a beautiful green silk Chinese dress. We thoroughly enjoyed her very informative talk on many aspects of Chinese life, and couldn't believe all the superb artefacts she had brought back in her suitcase!
Next stop is AFRICA! We have researched a great variety of magnificent wild animals, helping to cross link to our Science topic of 'Variation.'  We have been learning about the continent of Africa and the many traditions of the countries within Africa, leading to greater understanding of children who are less fortunate than ourselves. On Red Nose Day we all brought donations of money and dressed in mufti or red. We were touched by the story of Francis, a little boy who had to work in the fields rather than attend school because his family are desperately poor. We all realise how lucky we are to have caring families and a wonderful school to attend.
Picture 1 Kylie enjoyed Red Nose Day too!
Picture 2 A surprise visitor too!
Picture 3 We enjoyed being in mufti!
Picture 4 A is for Africa.
Picture 5 Partitioning Numbers
Picture 6 Partitioning Numbers
Picture 7 Partitioning Numbers
Picture 8 Right angles around school
Picture 9 Right angles around school
Picture 10 Right angles around school
Picture 11 Right angles around school
Picture 12 Right angles around school
Picture 13 Right angles around school
Picture 14 Right angles around school
Picture 15 Right angles around school
Picture 16 Right angles around school
Picture 17 Right angles around school
Picture 18 Chinese music
Picture 19 Chinese music
Picture 20 Chinese music Great concentration!
Picture 21 Chinese music
Picture 22 Letter to the Mayor
Picture 23 3D model of Enchanted Fountains
Picture 24 Be Amazed!
Picture 25 Come and visit us!
Picture 26 Computer generated map
Picture 27 Poster
Picture 28 2D map of Enchanted Fountains
Picture 29 Aerial and Side View
Picture 30 Data Collection
Picture 31 Will's fantastic 3D model
Picture 32 Some of our great ideas for improving Southport.
Picture 33 Aerial view of Enchanted Fountains using lego
Picture 34 Side view
Picture 35 'Flexi' model of our ideas.
Picture 36 Side view
Picture 37 We are very proud of our model!
Picture 38 We have been learning about the United Kingdom