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Spring term 2011 Mrs Mayor's class

Welcome back and happy new year!  We have had a very busy start to the term.  In SEAL, we investigated the way that we learn the best. This involved a very tricky origami project to see whether it was easiest to follow instructions by listening to them, reading them or watching somebody else model it. See the photographs below to see how we got on!
We are currently thinking about our locality and the children have come up with some fantastic suggestions for what Southport would benefit from.  Ideas have included a Liverpool Echo style arena, a Chill Factor and of course a Build-a-Bear store.  Later in the term we will be extending our studies beyond Southport as we head off to countries such as India and China.
Book week was fun! In year two, we read lots of books by Dr Seuss and really tied our tongues in knots. We also had a visit to the library and got to do some reading with the junior children when they came to visit.
We have had great fun being chefs this week.  After we put on our chef's hats and aprons we went into the hall and met the head chef. He showed us a fantastic trick with milk, food colouring and a drop of washing up liquid.  We had to listen to the instructions very carefully and cutting out the circles of bread was a bit tricky. The summer puddings looked amazing and some of us think we will be making them again at home! Now who can remember the name of that exotic fruit we put on top?
Picture 1 We had to concentrate very hard!
Picture 2 "Have you got that?" "Yes Chef"
Picture 3 Don't we look like real chefs!
Picture 4 Cutting the circles of bread was tricky!
Picture 5 Raring to go!
Picture 6 Doing a fun food quiz at the end
Picture 7 Reading with the junior children was fun
Picture 8
Picture 9 We made some new friends in book week
Picture 10 Our thoughts on Southport
Picture 11 Just one more fold...
Picture 12 Origami can be tricky!