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Spring Term 2011 Mrs Taylor's Class Room 5

This term we are finding out all about Our Five Senses. We will be spending 2 weeks on each sense beginning with Sight, then Hearing, Touch, Smell and Taste. We have lots of fun activities organised for this topic as we explore each sense through investigations in science, refining our research and data handling skills using ICT and learning about healthy eating.
We have begun to learn about of sense of sight. We can now label the parts of our eye, understand we need light to see, found out about amazing animal eyes, learnt how blind people use Braille and understand our eye sees things upside down! We have also been using our sense of sight to paint our self portraits. They look fantastic so far! We also have a visit planned from Mr Brown who explains how he copes with being blind; how he reads, writes, eats, makes himself a cup of tea and how oragnised his house needs to be!
We have also learnt about our sense of hearing. We have learnt about each part of our ear and can name the smalest bone in our body! We have been investigating how we protect our ears from loud noises too.
In Numeracy we have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards, our number bonds to 5 and 10 and how many tens and units are in a number eg What is my number I have 2 tens and 3 units? etc. We have also been doing lots of addition and subtraction; practising counting on eg 9+4 = put 9 in my head and count on 4 and that addition can be done in any order 4+3 is the same as 3+4!
Going for Gold!
In our first week back after Christmas we set our own personal goals and all the children have been keen to achieve their gold medal. With perseverence, determination and the support of our friends we all hope to achieve our goals very soon! Some children have learnt to count in 2s to 20, write their surname, learn their key words, click their fingers and whistle. I am very impressed with their enthusiasm and some children are already wearing their medal with pride!


Picture 1 What material would be best to protect our ears ?
Picture 2 What material would be best to protect our ears ?
Picture 3 We have learnt about the parts of our eye
Picture 4 We have been working towards our personal goals!
Picture 5 We have been working towards our personal goals!
Picture 6 Then we added our eyes nose and mouth
Picture 7 Then we added our hair and eyebrows
Picture 8 First we painted the outline of our faces
Picture 9 Our Self Portraits
Picture 10 Our Self Portraits
Picture 11 Our Self Portraits
Picture 12 Our Self Portraits
Picture 13 Our Self Portraits