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Spring Term 2012 Miss Smith's class Room 4

Spring Term 2012 Miss Smith's class Room 4

We have been very busy in Room 4 this half term! Here are just some of the things that we have been doing... 


  • we have been learning all about our bodies - inside and out
We first discussed what we already knew about our bodies and this lead us to identify areas we wanted to learn more about. We used the internet and a variety of fiction and non-fiction books to find out the information we wanted to know. This has become a whole class learning journey. 
  • we have set our own goals for something we want to learn or get better at
Our SEAL topic this term was 'Going for Goals'. We wrote down what our goals were, then we talked a lot about how we could achieve them. This has lead to lots of interesting activities to help us with things like riding our bikes or improving our football skills and the children have been working really hard to work towards their goals. 
  • we have celebrated Chinese New Year
We learnt about the history behind the Chinese calendar, made dragon masks and tasted some Chinese food. We then did some data collection to find out which food we liked the best... prawn crackers won hands down! 
  • we have done lots of experiments, investigations and modelling during Science and Technology week


We visited the Science Zone where there were a variety of stations set up to explore light and dark, magnets, forces, biology to name just a few. We also spent time in the Technology Zone where we did construction activities with lego, wooden blocks and junk. We also programmed the Beebots to travel around a floor mat. In class we did experiments using ordinary household items such as cornflour and water to make gloop or raisins and fizzy lemonade to make bobbing raisins. We learned about the rockets that travel to space and used junk to make our own!


  • we have improved our Numeracy skills by using our Numicon resources


The Numicon resources are great fun to play with and they really help with the understanding of early mathematics. We look forward to using them even more to help improve our mathematic skills.

These are only some of the activities we have been doing this term.
Thank you parents for your continual support. Please have a look at our pictures - we hope you like them! 

Picture 1 We liked tasting Chinese food
Picture 2 Wow - witches brew
Picture 3 We made rockets from junk!
Picture 4 Exploring light and dark
Picture 5 Investigating Magnets
Picture 6 I filled my board with Numicon shapes!
Picture 7 I made a ten!
Picture 8 We made a new class mate - her name is Gracie!
Picture 9 Hung hey fat choi!