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Spring Term 2012 Mrs Brash and Miss Caine Room 7

This term has been exciting finding out about our Senses. We made 'snazzy' glasses for our sense of Sight. Mr.Brown also came into school and explained how he lives his life being blind. Mr.Powell also came into school and showed us how to do sign language as he is deaf. We learned 'How to sign a rainbow' too! During our sense of Taste, we made and tasted delicious pizzas in class and Rice Salads in Junior Chef day. We made feely pictures to enhance our dense of Touch. Tennis has also begun with Chris as our coach, showing us lots of budding tennis stars of the future!

We had en exciting time during Science and Technology Week. We made wonderful 3D models of a variety of space crafts using a range of materials. We also tested out paper aeroplanes, some going a fair distance, finding taht they went the furthest with some wind under their wings. Well done to those who tested them out at home too. 

In Maths this term we have been using our new numeracy resource called 'Numicon'. We used it for addition and subtraction as well as for work on weight. Our work on number doubles and number bonds continue to improve, well done everyone!

In Literacy we have been writing non-fiction leaflets, work on Dictionaries as well as fiction writing about imaginary worlds. Lots of exciting writing and artwork was made during Book Week - and Year 1 book was 'The Enormous Crocodile', which everyone enjoyed. We are also reading and writing Poetry over the next weeks.

Picture 1 Making the Rice Salad.
Picture 2 Junior Chef
Picture 3 We praqctised how to use a vegetable peeler safely
Picture 4 We practised how to grate foods.
Picture 5 We practised how to chop some foods.
Picture 6 Our finished Cheese or 'Margaritta' pizza.
Picture 7 Sprinkling on the cheese.
Picture 8 Chopping the ham!
Picture 9 Slicing the pineapple.
Picture 10 Making pizzas for our class.
Picture 11 Exploring the 'Darkness Den!
Picture 12 Science and Technology Week.
Picture 13 Testing out air cones.
Picture 14 Testing out Paper Aeroplanes.
Picture 15 Making exciting 3D models.