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Spring Term 2012 Mrs Chester's Class Room 8

What a super start to 2012.  Our new topic has been the five senses, and we have had visits to school from some fantastic friends.  Mr Brown came to tell us about the different technology that is available to help blind people in their homes, and Mr Powell taught us how to sign the alphabet and our numbers.

We have also just completed our exciting Science and Technology week, and the work has been amazing!!  We took Space and Flight as our class theme, and made a fabulous astronaut.  We investigated the best design for a paper plane, and found that gliders travelled up to 8 metres!  We made gloop, which was a very strange material!! It changed from a liquid to a solid when we squeezed it.

In Geography we have been learning about maps, and we made some great maps of Pirate Islands, and Fairy Worlds.

In Maths we have been working hard to develop our understanding of subtraction, and have been practising our counting back skills.  Last week, we talked about 2D and 3D shapes, and how we could use these shapes to make our models.  This week our focus has been on data handling, and we have been learning so much about our favourite ice creams, pets, crisps, food.....  This half term we have seen the introduction of some great new maths resources to school, and we have been using 'Numicon' to help us with our calculations.  We are also continuing to practise our number doubles and number bonds to 10.  Well done everyone!

In Literacy, we have been looking at different types of writing - story writing, character studies, and non-fiction leaflets.  We have enjoyed learning about the differences between fiction and non-fiction books.  We have been practicing sequencing the alphabet, and have been putting words into alphabetical order.  We have enjoyed finding definitions in dictionaries.

Have a look at the photographs below.  We are really enjoying learning.

Picture 1 Pumping up the pumpaloons!
Picture 2 Investigating reflections
Picture 3 Using the lightbox. What can you see?
Picture 4 Busy with the beebots
Picture 5 How can you make your spaceman fly?
Picture 6 I can add numbers together
Picture 7 Modelling my own glasses design
Picture 8 Using numicon to find the answer
Picture 9 Getting ready to fly our planes
Picture 10 One..Two..Three...Gooooo!
Picture 11 Gloop - is it a liquid.. or is it a solid??