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Spring Term 2012 Mrs Taylor and Mrs Sutton Room 5

Our topic this term is all about our five senses. We are already experts on sight and hearing and cant wait to get stuck into touch, smell and, our favourite sense: taste! We have even made up our own experiment with glow in the dark toys. Can you remember what we found out? 
We were very lucky to have Mr Brown come to talk to us and answer all our questions about what it is like to be blind. We thought his talking computer was very clever. We also had Mr Powell who showed us how to use sign language. 

In literacy we have been writing information leaflets about our senses and exciting 'Under the Sea' stories. We have also written our own animal dictionaries. 

In numeracy we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, counting up  and back to 100 and practising our doubles and number bonds to 10. We have been collecting data to find out our favourite ice cream flavours and recording tallies and pictograms.

We had fantastic fun during Science and Technology week. We made sticky gloop, dropped raisins into lemonade, built models, flew our own loop the loop paper planes and made our own fruity smoothies.

Thanks to India for winning our trip to the Eco centre. We had a marvellous time. Darren, the resident teacher at the centre, gave us a guided tour. Then we investigated all the interactive displays about recycling and saving energy. During the day we played some fun games, followed an eco trail in the garden and even made our own solar powered fans. We learned so much - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! 

Have a look at our photos.

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Picture 6
Picture 7 Tasting smoothies.
Picture 8 Floating flowers.
Picture 9 Erupting volcano
Picture 10 Science and Technology week.
Picture 11 Flying paper planes.
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