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Spring Term 2013 Miss Caine Room 10

This term we have enjoyed learning about the Rainforest! Our Rainforest environments look fantastic, we have worked really hard on them and cannot wait to take them home with us!

In science we have been using our senses to explore the rainforest. We wrote about what we could see, hear, smell, taste and touch in the rainforest and found different textures of things to resemble  different textures in the rainforest .
In literacy we have been writing an encyclopedia about the rainforest, making posters about our senses and learning to use WOW words to make our writing more interesting.

We have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s,  practising our doubles and near doubles and learning all our number bonds to 10. We have been using Numicon to help us to add and subtract and have had fun takinging part in our daily maths challenge!

During E-safety Week (4th February) we learnt about how to be safe when using the internet. We loved watching Hector's World and discussing the meaning behind all the stories. We understand the importance of not sharing personal information on the internet such as our name, surname,address and phone number.

Junior Chef was FANTASTIC! Chef taught us how to make a Tropical Fruit Crunch and we got very, very sticky! We learned that it was really important to look, listen and learn so that we could follow all of the instructions. Everytime we answered a question correctly we could have a healthy prize! We could choose a little drink of...a mystery juice! At the end of our session we found out that the juices were pomegranate, passion fruit and lychee! We liked them all!