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Spring Term - Mrs Hookham's class.

We began the term in the cold, dark winter. The children made bird feeders and enjoyed exploring ice (inside and out!) 

We had a fun week for Chinese New Year - playing in our Chinese resturant, sampling food and making a dragon for a 'dragon dance!' 

The children have also enjoyed sharing traditional tales - building houses for the pigs, making gingerbread men and using puppets to retell a story.

Science and technology week was very exciting. The children loved helping with 'experiments' and enjoyed going to 'big school' to take part in lots of exciting activities.

Picture 1 Working together.
Picture 2 Using air to 'suck and blow' down the straw.
Picture 3 Making model using magnetic construction.
Picture 4 Programming a bee bot.
Picture 5 Joining pieces
Picture 6 More volcanoes.
Picture 7 Sharing lego
Picture 8 Using ICT to learn about recycling.
Picture 9 Investigating wet and dry sand
Picture 10 Pouring dry sand to turn the wheel.
Picture 11 Trying to find a heartbeat!
Picture 12 Investigating with a big magnet.
Picture 13 Which objects will the magnet pick up?
Picture 14 Which car goes the furthest?
Picture 15 Making shadows.
Picture 16 Fun with mirrors.
Picture 17 Using a light box
Picture 18 Making structures with magnetic construction.
Picture 19 Budding young scientists
Picture 20 Using a dropper to add food colour.
Picture 21 Very exciting watching the mixture fizz!
Picture 22
Picture 23 Add some bubbles.
Picture 24 Making a 'witches brew.
Picture 25 "I would choose that one."
Picture 26 Sharing a story.
Picture 27 Investigating ice