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Spring Term - Mrs Lea's Butterflies Class - Chinese New Year Celebrations

It is Chinese New Year time again and the children have enjoyed doing a range of activities to celebrate the year of the Rabbit.

We have made biscuits and used a rabbit shaped cutter, we have made chinese lanterns decorated in black and gold which look fantastic hanging from the nursery ceiling.  The children enjoyed dragon dancing and playing instruments to the chinese music.  We enjoyed trying to paint some chinese writing and found the chopsticks really hard to use with the noodles in the big tray.  

To end the week the children made a rabbit hat to take home.

The children enjoyed listening to the story of how it all began with a race of all the animals.  They found out that if they are 3 they were born in the year of the pig and if they are 4 they were born in the year of the dog.
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