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Spring Term Mrs Tickle's Class Room 3

Welcome to the Spring term in Room 3. Our Topic this term is all about our bodies and keeping healthy. We have already learned lots about inside and outside our bodies. We have looked at our bones, blood, hearts and brains to find out how they work.

We had lots of fun during our Science and Technology week. We experimented with making glup, rockets, wind socks and wictches brew. We investigated magnets, making bubbles, changes to ice and water and had a great time exploring in the hall with our buddies. 
Picture 1 Jack and the beanstalk
Picture 2 Jack and the beanstalk
Picture 3 We love dressing up
Picture 4 Friends helping each other.
Picture 5 I am Spidereman.
Picture 6 We are nearly ready for our trip to the moon!
Picture 7 Science and Technology week.
Picture 8 We can see the x-rays on the light table
Picture 9 Making rockets that can fly into space.
Picture 10 Fun exploring with our buddies in the hall.
Picture 11 Keep going boys.
Picture 12 How many paper clips will the magnet hold
Picture 13 It is fun exploring the magnets together.
Picture 14 Who will escape the ice chamber first?
Picture 15 Fun building jumbo junk models in the studio
Picture 16 Witches brew. Will it ever stop overflowing?
Picture 17 Mini model making with friends.
Picture 18 Outside play.
Picture 19 Role play corner.
Picture 20 Book holidays on the internet in our travel agents
Picture 21 All set for my holiday! Case, clothes, sunglasses!
Picture 22 Our princess jigsaws.
Picture 23 We love writing and colouring.
Picture 24 Building exciting models.
Picture 25 Chinese New Year.