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Our class have been having fun filled learning experiences this term. We began the term with our class learning journey about our body. We discussed what we already knew about our bodies, inside and out! Next we decided what we wanted to learn more about. Our subjects included our heart, brain, lungs, skin and bones. We worked in small groups to develop our learning using non fiction books from our library and the Internet to source facts. We have learned so much through all areas of the curriculum. 

We have also enjoyed using our new 'Numicon' resources to develop number recognition, number bonds and language. We have used it both indoors and in our outside environment. In literacy activities we continue to develop our language, reading and writing skills, along with our experience of a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Science and Technology week was a very exciting experience. We enjoyed the science zone with our buddies, where we explored light and dark, magnets, forces, materials and much more! The building zone was fantastic too. We made interesting semi permanent models using junk materials. We enjoyed experimenting and investigating. Our experiments included bobbing raisins, making gloop, a witches brew, floating and sinking and an exciting ice experiment. We made rockets, structures using marshmellows and spaghetti,  floating flowers and wind socks. We also investigated our fingerprints and pretended to be real detectives!

We have also developed individual children's learning journeys through 'Show and Tell' experiences. A big thank you to all the parents/guardians for your support this term. Enjoy looking at our photographs!
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Picture 6 Sport Relief 2012
Picture 7 How far can we travel without spilling our water?
Picture 8 Sport Relief 2012 Exercise Class
Picture 9 Don't spill any water
Picture 10 Having a go at over & under
Picture 11 Sport Relief 2012
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