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Spring Term Room 4 Miss Smith

Science and Technology Week


We had a super time actively learning about scientific concepts such as magnetism, light and dark, materials, living things in the Science Zone and thoroughly enjoyed having the freedom to build with a great variety of construction materials in the Construction Zone. Programming the Beebots and exploring different applications on the Learnpads in the Technology Zone was also a fantastic experience. The Design and Make challenge we did at home with our parents was amazing!

Picture 1 Building with giant Jenga blocks
Picture 2 Using the Learnpads
Picture 3 Junk modelling
Picture 4 Making the Beebots move.
Picture 5 I made a submarine!
Picture 6 I made a wardrobe with clothes in!.
Picture 7 I made some Tiger Feet!
Picture 8 I made a pirate ship!
Picture 9 I made the Millenium Falcon from Star Wars!
Picture 10 I made two picture frames!
Picture 11 I think this bone goes here....
Picture 12 Investigating and sorting animals.
Picture 13 Exploring the light box.
Picture 14 Learning about magnets.
Picture 15 Having fun with reflections.

Learning through Traditional Tales


We loved our focus stories of Jack and the Beanstalk, The Three little Pigs and The Three Billy Goats Gruff in the first half of the Spring Term. We did lots of activitites that linked in to the stories and helped us to learn different things. We measured and thought of different words to describe the 'Giants Feet'. We sorted beans and even painted our own 'Magic Beans'. We investigated the materials the Little Pigs used to build their houses and made playdough 'Trolls' for the Story of Billy Goats Gruff. We acted out the stories, did some lovely artwork to go with them and developed our story telling and writing skills too.

Picture 1 Sorting beans
Picture 2 Climbing the Beanstalk
Picture 3 Measuring with non-standard measures
Picture 4 Enjoying The Three Little Pigs story
Picture 5 Acting out the story
Picture 6 The Three Little Pigs houses outdoors
Picture 7 Three Little Pigs Role Play
Picture 8 Investigating Materials
Picture 9 Designing houses
Picture 10 Using ICT to draw a Troll
Picture 11 Three Billy Goats Gruff scene