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The final term of Reception! Where has that time gone?

We are well into our topic of 'animals' and have just finished learning about minibeasts.  We went on a minibeast hunt in the school garden, taking pictures and drawing sketches of what we saw.
We used clay to design our own 3D minibeast and then we painted them - they look fantastic and are on display in the corridor!

We have been learning our doubles by counting spots on ladybirds and have been counting up to 20 and beyond - this comes in handy when counting centipedes' legs!

Last week was our trip to Knowsley Safari Park and what a fantastic day that was!  The weather was kind, the children were brilliant and the animals came out to play!  We learned some interesting animal facts in the safari school and enjoyed being entertained by the cheeky sea-lions!!

After half term we shall be starting our transition to Year 1 activities so that the children are familiar and comfortable with their new classes before September.  We will be continuing with our animal topic by moving on to looking at sea animals and farm animals......can't wait!


Take a look at some of our photos!
A tortilla caterpillar!   Another tasty tortilla caterpillar!   Playdough centipede

Dazzle ladybird  Sleeping in the sun! rhino

so close to the giraffe!  Are you Asian or African?  Aaah...African

Who wants to stroke a snake?  The cheeky sea-lions  making animal patterns


We have been so busy since returning to school after the Christmas holidays!

Our topic for this term has been 'The Body'.
We enjoyed taking pictures of each other with the digital camera.  We then labelled parts of the body on our photographs. Finding out about the skeleton was really interesting!  We learned some new words for skeleton parts and found out why our skeleton is so important.  It was great fun to make skeleton pictures out of cotton buds and skeleton models out of play dough!

We learned about how to keep ourselves healthy.  We looked at what kinds of food are good for us and we designed our own 'healthy lunchboxes'.  In the hall we investigated what happens to our bodies when we exercise.  We did lots of activities like running, jumping, throwing and catching and discovered that we get hot and our heart beats faster!

In our reading and writing we have been using all our sounds we learned to help us blend words and build new words. We practice key words every day (including 'tricky ones') with Inky the Mouse.  When we know them, we stick them on his hat!

We have had lots of fun investigating capacity in our water tray.  Lots of us can order containers by their capacity - we even had orange and green water to play with!  Every day we practise counting, sometimes in ones, sometimes in tens and even sometimes in twos! We can count forwards and backwards!

Our role play area is called 'Let's Pretend'.  There is a magic box in there with all sorts of resources and props and then we can make it what we like! Since Christmas we have had a princess castle, a school, a house and a cafe!

Well done to all the children who have had their 'Show and Tell' learning Journeys! Some fascinating objects have been brought in and the whole class have taken part in finding out about topics such as :- the sun and moon, New Zealand, L'il Dragons, Tazmania, classic cars and Disney princesses! We are very much looking forward to joining in with all the other children's 'Show and Tell'.

What excitement when IT SNOWED!!!! We wasted no time in getting all wrapped up to have fun in the snow - snowmen, snow angels and the best snowball fight!  Mrs Farmer got well and truly snowballed!!
Picture 1 My footprints are following me!!!
Picture 2 Play dough skeletons.
Picture 3 Yum!... a picture you can eat!
Picture 4 How exciting!!
Picture 5 Come on team...keep going!
Picture 6 That's it....steady does it!
Picture 7 Improving our throwing and catching.
Picture 8 Practising adding on.
Picture 9 Let's pretend in the cafe. Mine's a coffee please!