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Summer Term 2011 Mrs Taylor's Class Room 5

We have begun work on our Summer term Topic of Houses and Homes.  During our Victorian week we took part in a Victorian school day, wash and baking day. We had lots of fun baking bread the old fashioned and the modern way and of course eating it! We also enjoyed role playing a Victorian school day with old fashioned names, learning the 3 R's and playing Victorian playground games!
We have also joined in the celebrations for the Royal wedding hope you like our pictures!
We all enjoyed our trip to Quarry Bank Mill. We learnt alots about life as a Victorian child working at the Mill. We worked at the Apprentice house in the kitchen found out about medicines in Victorian times and learnt about how cotton is taken from plants, is spun to make a thread and how we end up with material!
This week Mr and Mrs Klaassen invited us to their bakery to see how they make bread. It was great, we saw the mixer, the prover and the ovens, made our own mini loaf and as a treat they gave us juice and a cake. YUM! Don't we look silly in our hair nets!
In design and Technology we have been making and designing houses. First we went for a walk around the block looking at different types of houses; semi detached, detached, bungalow, flat and terrace. We also looked at other types of houses around the world in non-fiction books. Then we designed a house we would like to make; lighthouses, castles, semi detached, cottages,. mud huts etc. We had lots of fun making them!