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Summer Term 2012 Mrs Chester's Class Room 8

The new term has begun with lots of fun and exciting activities.  We have begun our new topic "The Victorians" and have been working very hard during our Victorian washday.  All the children collected the water to put in our dolly tub.  It was rather a wet experience!!  We used the posser and the dolly stick, and had to grate the soap into the water!  The favourite activity of the day though had to be using the mangle.  We are all very careful to keep our fingers well out of the way.  We also learned how to make bread 'the old way', by weighing out the ingredients, mixing them together, and then developing our kneading skills.  The bread we made was absolutely delicious!  Well done everybody.  We have lots of budding bakers in our class.  Our Victorian work was all drawn together in our wonderful visit to Quarry Bank Mill.  The children saw how the young Victorian apprentices lived and worked.  A big thank you to our Parent Helpers who supported the children during our visit.  We decided we preferred to living today (no-one was very keen to sample to brimstone and treacle medicine!!)

We also had a very special Victorian day in school.  In the morning we worked in rows, and learned about the different work the children did.  We all had to do exactly the same thing, and had to remember to be very polite - standing up whenever an adult entered the room.  We practised our drill (exercises) in the playground.  In the afternoon, we had a lovely time looking at the different Victorian games (spin the top, the stick and hoop, and dominoes).  We also looked carefully at different victorian artefacts, and tried our best to draw them exactly as they are.

In our Numeracy work, we have been focusing on place value - which digit in a number shows us how many hundreds, or tens or units there are.  We have been using this understanding to help us with adding and subtracting ten.  We have been working hard on our minute maths to try to develop our mental maths skills.  Over the coming weeks we will be learning about addition, and will be counting on from the largest number to find the answer.  We will also be thinking about subtraction, and missing numbers in sums, and doubling and halving.

During our SEAL work, we thought about relationships, and who was really special to us.  We worked together thinking about different emotions, and which were positive (feeling happy, pround, excited), and which emotions we might need to work on to change (feeling jealous, angry, sad).  The children had some great ideas during our sessions.

In Geography, we have been looking at our local area, and have been thinking about the different types of buildings around our school.  We used our understanding to create beebot mats, which we will be using in our ICT sessions.  We have also been learning about which are safe roads, and which are busy roads, and why this might be.

Following on from our Geography work, we are going to be designing and making houses.  We will be working hard to develop our cutting and joining skills during this activity.

Our science topic this half term is electricity.  We will be focusing on identifying appliances that use electricity, electrical safety, and our practical work will involve making circuits using batteries and bulbs.  Great fun!

Coming up soon: a visit to a local Church to see the different church furniture; a visit to a local bakery to see how we bake bread nowadays; and exciting celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee; and the Olympic torch arrives in Southport!  Watch this space!!
Picture 1 Lifting out the washing
Picture 2 Using the mangle
Picture 3 Delicious!
Picture 4 Can't wait to eat my bread roll
Picture 5 Off we go to visit the Mill
Picture 6 View from the bridge
Picture 7 Ready to walk to the Apprentice House
Picture 8 In the Victorian School Room
Picture 9 Taking a rest in the dormitory
Picture 10 Doing the housework
Picture 11 Let's bake bread!
Picture 12 Hard at work on washday
Picture 13 Using the dolly stick