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Summer Term 2013 Miss Caine

  During our Victorian week we took part in a Victorian school day, wash and baking day. Wash Day helped us to understand how hard it was in the past to keep clothes and bedding clean. We used an old mangle to squeeze all the water out of the sheets! It was very difficult to turn!
We had lots of fun
baking bread the old fashioned and the modern way and of course eating it! We also enjoyed role playing a Victorian school day with old fashioned names, learning the 3 R's and instead of P.E. we all went into the hall and had a lesson called 'Drill'. It was a lovely sunny day so at playtime we had a chance to play with lots of old fashioned toys, it was lots of fun!

We all enjoyed our trip to Quarry Bank Mill last week. We learnt lots about life as a Victorian child working at the Mill. We worked at the Apprentice house in the kitchen found out about medicines in Victorian times and learnt about how cotton is taken from plants, is spun to make a thread and how we end up with material!

We are now getting ready for our transition to Year 2, having a literacy and numeracy hour each morning. One focus for this half term is houses; we have been looking at houses in the past, particularly during the Victorian times. 

Over the next few weeks we will focus on our geography theme- investigating our locality. We will look at houses, churches, streets and shops and features around our school. We will also be finding our houses on Google maps and writing our own address. We will look at different types of houses and learning their names: Detached, Semi-Detached, Terrace, Cottage, Flats etc. We will draw and labelled our houses and write descriptions of different houses.

We will soon be visiting St. John's Church to look and learn about the building inside and out. 

    In Numeracy we are learning to identify the place value of numbers eg 15 has 1 ten and 5 units etc. and identifying 1 more and 1 less, 10 more and 10 less using number lines and a hundred square. We are beginning to add and subtract 2 two digit numbers adding the tens and then the units. We will be collecting stickers for learning our number bonds to 10 so keep practising !!!
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