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Summer Term 2013 Mrs Hooton Room 7

We have been very busy this term and we have loved learning about living long ago! 

Our Victorian school day was great fun! All our tables were turned to face the front of the class and our Smartboard was switched off. Mrs Hooton had to write on the old blackboard! 

Instead of P.E. we all went into the hall and had a lesson called 'Drill'. It was a lovely sunny day so at playtime we had a chance to play with lots of old fashioned toys, it was lots of fun!

Wash Day helped us to understand how hard it was in the past to keep clothes and bedding clean. We even used an old mangle to squeeze all the water out of the sheets! It was very difficult to turn!

Our trip to Quarry Bank Mill helped us to understand how hard it was for some children in Victorian times. We were amazed at how big the mill was and we were fascinated by all the machines and the old objects our tour guide showed us. It was a very busy, tiring day and Mrs Hooton was very proud of us all!