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Summer Term in Mrs Chester's Class

Gosh, what a busy time we've had already, and the Summer term has only just begun! Our Victorian topic has begun with two really exciting days. We had our Victorian school day - a great experience with the children all sitting in rows, and learning the Victorian way. We have made delicious fresh bread as part of our Enterprise project and our Victorian washday has taken place too! We learned to wash our sheets just like they did in the olden days. It was hard work - we loved using the dolly peg and the posser to wash and clean the clothes, but the mangle, which squeezed the water out, was our favourite. We all looked fabulous dressed in our Victorian clothing.
We have also enjoyed celebrating the Royal Wedding. We had our wonderful red white and blue day, where we decorated our bikes and scooters in a really original and creative way. We had a picnic, make cakes, decorated biscuits, and made flags ready to wave during the Royal Wedding day.
We are looking forward to our big DT project, when we will be designing and making houses and homes. In maths, we have been practising our number bonds, and are really developing our addition and subtraction skills. 
We have had our visit to Quarry Bank Mill, and what a great time we had learning about life in the olden days.  We learned how cotton is spun to make fabric, and we had to put our hands over our ears when the big machines in the mill were turned on.  We saw what life was like for an apprentice in the Mill, and we had a look at some of the different medicines people used in those days.  We didn't want to try the brimstone and treacle, or the leeches!  We spent some time in the Victorian school room, and did lots of jobs around the kitchen.  We saw the big water wheel turning and learned how water powered all the machines in the Mill.  It was a fabulous day and the sun shone...eventually!

We have had a couple of weeks to learn new tennis skills, and are starting to get the hang of hitting the ball.  We have been learning to volley, which was tricky work!

In Science we have started our Electricity topic and have been learning how to be safe using electrical equipment.  This week we brought in battery operated toys from home and found that batteries give energy to all sorts of different things - from Buzz Lightyears, to Zoo Zoo Pets.  Which was your favourite toy?

Lots more great learning to come! Keep checking our webpage for our latest news.