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Summer term - Mrs Hookham's class

Our topic for this term is 'In the garden' and despite the weather the children are enjoying some milder days outside! We are learning about how plants grow and have given our seeds a head start by planting some and putting them onto a sunny (sometimes!) windowsill. Our courgettes are ready to plant out into the pots waiting in the garden.
The children love looking at the tadpoles that have hatched out from frogspawn too.

The children have also planted beans.....we are waiting to see if they grow into a beanstalk as tall as the one in 'Jack and the beanstalk!' We've had fun acting out the story using puppets and playing in our role-play castle.

As well as thinking about how plants grow, we are finding out about foods that help to make us grow strong and healthy. The children have sorted food that is good for teddy and things that are occasional treats as they are not so healthy. We have done lots of sorting and counting activities using fruit and vegetables too.

After half term we will be looking for mini-beasts in the garden.
Picture 1 Acting out 'Jack and the beanstalk'
Picture 2 Playdough and pipe cleaner beanstalk.
Picture 3
Picture 4 'Frogspawn' jelly!!
Picture 5 Getting pots ready for planting.
Picture 6 Singing outside.
Picture 7 Climbing
Picture 8
Picture 9 'One little speckled frog...'
Picture 10 'Getting taller.'
Picture 11 Catching tadpoles ready to put fresh water in tank
Picture 12 Balancing
Picture 13 Exercise in the 'gym.'
Picture 14
Picture 15 Building and balancing.
Picture 16
Picture 17 Look at our delicious bread!
Picture 18 Exercise in the 'gym.'