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SUMMER TERM Mrs Hooton's Class Room 14

What a FANTASTIC school trip we had to the seaside! Even the weather was kind. We started our day on the beach with a talk by Ranger Billy who gave us lots of interesting facts about the wildlife to be found on the beaches and in the sandunes of Southport and Formby. We will now be able to identify sand lizards, protected Natterjack toads and rare Egret birds as well as rabbits and squirrels to name but a few.

Next we had a play in the sand with our bucket and spades. We knew the safe places to play because last week we had a talk from the R.N.L.I and Life guards that patrol the beaches. They explained the difference between all the flags you see flying along the shoreline. 

Then it was a brisk walk along the seawall which protects the coastal road from flooding - when the tide comes in! We walked along the Pier and had a great time spending our old-fashioned pennies on the slot machines.

We strolled down the Pier to the carousel where we had a picnic and best of all, some chips! Finally it was a quick play in Kings Gardens before the trip back to school and a refreshing lolly!