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SUMMER TERM Mrs Littler's Class Room 13

We are well into what is proving to be another very busy term.  Thinking about health, we have been finding out all about the different food groups and how to keep our bodies fit and well.  We have designed posters about how to keep healthy and have just completed an investigation in science about washing hands, ensuring we all know about correct hygiene!
Climbing into our time machine, we travelled back to the time of Florence Nightingale.  We learned how  different hospitals were back in the 1800's. We could hardly believe how patients were cared for - rats ran around in the wards, there were no clean bandages, soap or even beds to lie in!  The visit from an actress playing the role of Florence really brought the topic to life and some of us were chosen to play the wounded soldiers and nurses. We all enjoyed the visit  from "The Lady with the Lamp" very much. We have also been learning about the important work done by the nurse Mary Seacole in the Crimea. Using pencils and pastels to sketch Grace Nightingale and Mary Seacole has been most enjoyable.
     We are really enjoying our Tennis Lessons on a Tuesday and many of us attend Athletics on a Friday after school. It's great fun working as a team and learning new games each week!
Friday is also our day for working in the school garden, having fun as well as learning lots about the best conditions for plants to survive.

Picture 1 School garden
Picture 2 Plants need plenty of water
Picture 3 Cucumber
Picture 4 Ensuring the plants are firmly in the ground
Picture 5 Getting the soil ready!
Picture 6 Filling the planters
Picture 7 Athletics Week 2
Picture 8 Relay Race
Picture 9 Warming Up!
Picture 10 Tennis Skills
Picture 11 Balancing the ball!
Picture 12 Jumping right then left quickly!
Picture 13 Class Warm up!
Picture 14 Starting off with clean hands
Picture 15 Rubbing in the glitter!
Picture 16
Picture 17 Feels sticky!
Picture 18 This is fun!
Picture 19 Dirty hands!
Picture 20 Washing with cold water and soap
Picture 21 Made little difference!
Picture 22 CLEAN HANDS? What did we find out?
Picture 23 Inspecting hands with a magnifying glass