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SUMMER TERM Visit to Year 2 by 'Florence Nightingale'

To further our knowledge on Florence Nightingale and her nurses, we had a much enjoyed visit from 'Florence' who transported us to Scutari Hospital in the Crimea. Some of us were chosen to be her loyal, hard working nurses and some of us were wounded soldiers in the ward. See our  great photos! We learnt lots of interesting facts about the Crimean War and about Nightingale Hospitals which are still around today!
Picture 1 Nurses attend the wounded
Picture 2 Another wounded soldier to attend
Picture 3 Florence explains the jobs on the ward.
Picture 4 An injured soldier
Picture 5 The nurses listen to instructions
Picture 6 Florence's nurses with their lamps
Picture 7 Scrubbing the ward
Picture 8 Learning how to clean the hospital wards
Picture 9 "The lady with thye lamp"