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Year 1 : Autumn Term

All the classes have started the new year with great enthusiasm. We have helped new children to Farnborough Road settle in and have learnt more about each other in our SEAL topic of New Beginnings.

Our new topic of 'Beep,  Flash  and Whirr' has captured all our imaginations and we have learnt about machines, robots and  vehicles , both from the past, present and designed our own for the future.
We begun by learning about Forces; pushes and pulls. We learnt how objects speed up, slow down and change direction.

The children have particularly enjoyed the 'Bike Week'. They all brought in a bike or a  scooter  for the day. We sketched and labelled, painted and took tyre prints as well as discussing similarities and differences between the bikes. The highlight had to be the children's faces when our special visitor brought in and rode his Penny Farthing. It was amazing!

The children also loved designing and making junk model junk model Robots.

In Literacy we have been have been writing poetry about different machines and their noises 'telephones ring, cars brum, motorbikes growl, alarms bring, microwaves ding, mobiles sing...... ' WHAT A NOISE!

In Maths we have been counting, adding and subtracting and using coins in our class shops! Keep practising those number bonds to 10 in our Farnborough Rhyme '0 and 10 are big strong men, 1 and 9 are feeling fine, 2 and 8 are never late, 3 and 7 come from Devon, 4 and 6 like to play tricks, 5 and 5 come alive, 6 and 4 shut the door, 7 and 3 come for tea, 8 and 2 are feeling blue, 9 and 1 have just gone, 10 and 0 are superheroes!'
We are also having lots of fun learning to use our new LEARNPADs !

We continue after half term with a new topic- 'Through the keyhole'. We will be studying the Winnie and Witch stories by Korky Paul. From this we will be colour mixing in Art, making firework pictures and learning about direction.  


The week beginning the 18th November is Friendship week when we will be finding out about being a good friend and writing Friendship  poems.   

In Maths we will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes and measures; time, mass, capacity and length.
It will be Christmas before we know it!

Thank you for all your continued support at home with the reading, book band words and homework books, we really appreciate it.