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Year 1 Spring Term

Year 1 are all enjoying our new topic this term 'Roaming in the Rainforest' . We have been learning about were the Rainforests are located on the Globe, World maps and in Atlases. We understand the Rainforests are near the Equator and they are areas that are hot and wet all year around unlike the seasonal weather in our country. We have also labelled the different layers of the Rainforest; Forest floor, The Canopy, Emergent trees and have located the animals who live in each layer and why they live there.

Our Rainforest environments are progressing; we have added trees, leopards, frogs, snakes, butterflies and birds so far. We are all looking forward to the trip to Chester Zoo.
In Science we have been using our senses to explore the rainforest. We are have already learnt about our sense of sight and touch and can't wait to find out about our sense of hearing, smell and especially taste! During Science and Technology Week we have learnt about chocolate (grown on trees in the Rainforests)

and investigated reversible and irreversible changes. We had lots of fun in the Design and Technology Zone, Science Zone and working with the Science Leaders from Greenbank learning about Chromotography and Fruity batteries
In Literacy we have been writing information leaflets about rainforest animals and making posters about endangered animals and learning to use WOW words to make our writing more interesting.
In Maths  we have been counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, counting up and back to 100 and practising our doubles and number bonds to 10 and 20. We have been practising with Numicon to add and subtract and times numbers. We are also have also been learning about 2D and 3D shapes and how to tell the time.
During E-safety Week (3rd February) we will be learning about how to be safe when using the internet. We will understand the importance of not sharing personal information on the internet such as our name and surname and our address. Instead we will make up nicknames for ourselves! We will also be discussing the 

 idea of  'chatting' in 'chat rooms' on websites like Moshi Monsters with people as we do not know for sure who these people are as we can not see them.