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Year 2

Well, we have grabbed our passports and headed off to the continent of Africa to kick start our 'Around the World' topic. We enjoyed reading some traditional tales  and wrote our own versions of 'Why Frog and Snake Can't be Friends. After researching some African animals, we decided to work together to produce our own non-fiction book about meerkats or Africa.  We enjoy reading each other's informative pages and have become meerkat experts.   It has been great fun to mix up some African animals in art and give them new and unusual names. 

Next stop is India and we are looking forward to finding out all about life there and read some traditional folk tales as well as tasting some spices and Indian foods.

What an exciting start to the spring term we have had in Year 2. Our topic Colourful Characters started with a real favourite; 'The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark'. We all thought Plop was adorable! The visit from Carole (The Owl Lady) and her feathery friends was spectacular. She told us lots of interesting facts about owls but best of all brought her owls round for us to admire close up. Some of us were lucky enough to touch and hold an owl.


Science and Technology Week was very interesting. We particularly enjoyed working with our buddies from reception when we were exploring the science zone. In Design and Technology we explored and made a range of cards with moving parts e.g. pop-up, rotating and sliding mechanisms. We practised making prototypes first as some mechanisms were tricky to make!


Some of us have honed our bike riding skills by ditching our stabilisers. A BIG thank you to Mary Kelland from Sustrans 'Bike-It' who helped us gain confidence and got us cycling with such enthusiasm.





Florence visits Farnborough Road Infants

Florence visits Farnborough Road Infants 1

Welcome back! We launched straight into our "Hurray for Health" topic with a visit from the Tempus Fujit theatre company and spent a wonderful afternoon with "Florence Nightingale." Some of us were chosen to act out being nurses and injured soldiers. We have been that fruit helps to keep us healthy so a variety of exotic fruits were explored with our senses. Best of all we got to eat them as we cut them up in design & technology turning them into fruit faces and smoothies. Some amazing artwork was inspired by the colours, shapes and patterns of the fruit.

In English, we have been thinking about interesting adjectives to describe  fruit and will soon be challenging ourselves by writing riddles about healthy and unhealthy food choices.  In science, we are learning about what constitutes a healthy balanced diet and what we need to do to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

In Maths we have been thinking about the value of digits and learning that addition is the inverse of subtraction. This will help us solve missing number calculations! Each day we count in different multiples (2,5,10,3) starting from different numbers not just from 0 or 1. We still find this quite tricky - especially when counting back! Soon, we will be making amounts using real coins to help us then calculating change. We are quite good at telling the o'clock  and half past times but not so fast at quarter past and quarter to times yet!

All of our teachers have been really impressed with the standard of homework Y2 have been producing.  Keep up the good work!

It was great to see so many of our mums and dads in school when we had our 'Stay, Play and Learn' sessions- we think they really enjoyed learning about how we learn in our phonics and mathematics lessons.