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Year 2

Summer Term 2014

Year two are excited to be starting a brand new topic, "Black and White."  We began by finding out about some fascinating journeys into outer space and the lunar landings before reading about some amazing journeys over sea and land.

In history, we will be travelling back in time to discover life in late Tudor England and the journeys of famous explorers such as Francis Drake and Ferdinand Magellan.  We will be challenging ourselves to write a diary extract as if we were a sailor aboard one of these great ships and creating timelines of significant events.

We are also studying the life of William Shakespeare and how the Tudors enjoyed watching his famous plays.  We are thrilled to be able to have a drama workshop with Sally Bankes, a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company which should really bring our studies to life.  Budding actors step forward now!

In geography we are tracking the journeys of many famous travellers on world maps and looking particularly at Brazil (just in time for the world cup!) In science we are investigating the seasons and how the weather changes.  We were amazed by the "Storm in a bottle" experiment which highlighted how quickly a storm can blow up and the devastation it can result in.

In RE we are focussing on the role of leaders and deciding what qualitiies a successful leader needs.  We will thinking in particular about Moses and Jesus as leaders in the Bible and also leaders who are alive today such as the Pope and the Queen.

After the half-term holiday, we will be designing and making black and white masks and linking to literacy by writing instructions.

In Dance we are using our skills in mirror image, balance, stretch and movement to create an amazing shadow dance to a poem called "The  Shadow". Our lessons are a very energetic challenge! We didn't realise how fit and healthy dancers need to be.


Just as the warmer weather arrived so did our Carnival themed Arts Week Festival. We all had an amazing time working with a range of talented professional artists, who helped develop our music, singing, dramatic and artistic skills. To end the term all Year 2 classes are performing their concert which tells the history of carnivals from druids to Glastonbury! On the very last Monday of term we are all very excited as we are having an outing to the cinema to see 'How to train your dragon 2'. Fingers crossed the weather will be sunny so we can enjoy a picnic lunch and a walk down the Promenade. After school that day there'll be a Leavers' party, Phew!! What a busy summer term!

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Spring term 2

This week we have had a marvellous introduction to our “Owl who was Afraid of the Dark” topic by Jill Tomlinson with a visit from Mr Green and his parliament of owls.

We are thoroughly enjoying the book and are busy writing character profiles about Plop and his family as well as finding out some information about animals that come out at night. Next, we will be visiting the “Twit” family and then heading north to the Isle of Struay in Scotland to meet Katie Morag and her family.

We will be comparing Katie’s small island with sunny Southport.

In maths we have been having fun collecting data and using it to create bar charts and pictograms.  Next we are going to be working on time, rotation, angles, capacity and money. We are continuing to challenge ourselves to get green in our weekly ten minute tests!

In RE we are continuing to find out about the Jewish religion. We are focussing on the Jewish synagogue and looking at the important artefacts and symbols.  We are hoping to have a visit from Mrs Morrell to tell us a little more about what it means to live in a Jewish family. A little later in the term we will be listening to the Easter story and thinking about the significance of it to the Christian faith.

In DT we are looking forward to making some cards with moving parts. First we will be practising the skills and drawing our designs before we get busy making the finished product.  Look out for the exclusive cards coming home towards Easter!

We are starting our popular outdoor adventures very soon.  We start by using simple maps and plans of the year two playground and thinking about aerial views.  Once we are familiar with using the plans we enjoy some fun challenges working with our friends to solve problems and use our orienteering skills to locate hidden objects.

Spring Term 2014


Our new theme 'The Great Fire of London' has certainly motivated our children to produce some excellent written and art work. Samuel Pepys (alias Robert Vickers from Tempus Fugit Theatre Company) came to visit on the third day of the new term. Everyone was enthralled with his entertaining and lively performance, which captivated the children but still managed to be very informative as well.


Science and Technology Week (20th-24th  January) was very interesting with the children enjoying some wonderful scientific experiences. Highlights of the week included  themed carousel activities, and visits from Greenbank and Meols Cop high school students. A big thank you to all the students and teachers who gave their time and expertise to engage our children with a vast array of fun science investigations. It was great to see some governors in school too, helping out with some of our special events.    

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