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Caterpillars Mornings Jo and Kayleigh

Our staff in Caterpillars A.M consists of: 
Jo Tobin. Jo is the Lead practitioner in the room. She has had many years’ experience working in
childcare. Jo has 3 children all under the age of 6 and enjoys travelling.
Kayleigh O`Donoughue . Kayleigh is a practitioner in the room. Kayleigh has worked in Caterpillars class for a number of years and also helps within the school. Kayleigh has 2 children and enjoys shopping.
Here at Caterpillar A.M we love singing and plan fun and exciting activities across all areas of learning. We plan for each individual child’s needs and include their home experiences too. For example we plan activities around having a new baby or moving house, as well as planning for our focus topics such as winter and summer.