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Ladybirds Class - Mrs Rodmell

A busy spring term in the Ladybird Class!

Looking at the frost.
Run, run as fast as you can!
Jump, jump as high as you can!
Story stones.
Working with clay.
Friday morning is often baking time.
Thursday morning...time for Space for Sport!
Swinging scarves.
Busy fingers at motor magic time.
Moving in different ways and landing on a letter.
Using mirrors to help with voice sounds.
Pattern egg hunt.
Copy the pattern carefully!
There's one!
Easter egg hunt.  Have we all got one?
Super models.
Throwing and catching.
Exploring magnets.
Time for lunch!
Dressing the dolls...and ourselves!
It's a bit fiddly!
Drawing maps.
Phonics fun.
Tea is nearly ready.
Looking for a leaf eating minibeast!
Caring for our tadpoles.
They move fast!

Don't forget Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2016

Science and Technology Week

WildWorkshop assembly.
Transporting water.
Using lots of different containers.
Fun in the rain!
How do we use this?
Working together.
Jumping in puddles!
Having fun together.
A special treat.  Hot chocolate with our story.
Fun at the tinkering table.
Great teamwork.
What does your sand feel like?
Lots to do in the 'Finding Out Factory'.
Mirror play.
Look at me!
The Dark Den.
Exploring shadows.
Look at my hand!
Building with playdough and sticks.
Programming the Beebots.
Looking at a non-fiction book.
Building a marble run together.