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Miss Calvert Room 4

We are so excited to be teaching all the children in Room 4 this year.

This is the start of our children’s school journey and will be a year of exciting new adventures. With a
‘growth mindset’ attitude our children will learn to believe in themselves, put their all into everything they do and give everything a try in order to engage with new experiences, build new skills, and develop a wider understanding of our world and of themselves.
Starting with ‘All about me’ we will work through many interesting topics and will explore each through play, music, art, writing and numbers; embedding a creative and holistic approach to learning.
We thoroughly encourage curiosity throughout this year, giving the children the chance to develop their understanding, knowledge and attitude to learning.
Our children’s achievements will be consistently rewarded, helping our children feel responsible for the choices they are making as individuals. We will use a range of reward systems such as stickers, ‘I am outstanding’ certificates, ‘Star of the week’ and being able to take Biscuit the Bear home! We also love to have mini celebrations in Room 4 for individuals to share something they are proud of achieving; encouraging a supportive environment for all of our children.
Reception is a busy and exciting year and we are very pleased to be sharing it with the amazing individuals of Room 4 this year.
Click on the links below to see at all the exciting activities we have been up to.