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Mrs Hooton and Mrs Fletcher Room 10

We would like to warmly welcome you to the Year 1 page. We are a busy class who enjoy learning inside and outside. We get 'hands - on' and relish the chance to investigate. We are engineers, inventors, scientists, authors, actors, musicians, athletes and artists.

It is a pleasure to teach our enthusiastic class this school year. We hope the class will flourish as  individuals as they gain confidence and self esteem through our 'Growth Mindset'.

Our vision is to create challenging, but realistic learning opportunities across all areas of the curriculum. We aim to nurture children’s natural curiosity about the world around them as we journey through our topics, encouraging our children to take notice of their own heritage and the uniqueness of the locality in which they live. We will provide children with opportunities to express themselves and promote creativity as we approach each subject area with originality, enthusiasm and imagination. The children will be highly motivated  though unique learning opportunities and experiences. As teachers, we will place no limits on where our learning can go.Through child led investigation, we will encourage our children to ask questions  and hypothesise upon answers as 'puzzles'  arise along the way. We will promote self evaluation and provide opportunities to celebrate individual, group or whole class achievements. This can be done as our day unfolds and also through our reward systems such as  stickers, ‘Star of the Week’ and ‘Going for Green’. We will celebrate work in class displays, TWITTER and on the school website.

Curriculum Planning Overview 2020-21