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Mrs Lea's Class - Room 2 - Summer Term 2017

Using natural resources to make animal habitats.

Developing our computer skills. We sorted the animals and counted them like the farmer needs to do.

Our fabulous school trip to Farmer Teds - We started on the climb and slide.

Our next stop was to meet the guinea pigs.

Next was the tractor ride.

We enjoyed grooming the ponies.

We loved the outdoor play area - lots of opportunities to climb, slide, scramble and have great fun.

The ferret racing was fun.

More fun on the adventure trail.

Our last stop was watching the cow being milked. It was amazing how much milk they got!

Looking at pattern and shape in the continuous provision.

Room 2 vets is open for business! Lots of creative role play fun to be had in here!

Circuit training and multi skills activities in PE developing core strength and stamina.