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Mrs Littler and Mrs Chester's Page Autumn 2015

Our topic is Mammoth to Minuscule

Our topic is Mammoth to  Minuscule  1

Class Work

Class Work 1 Did you know the elephant is largest land animal?
Class Work 2 The Gherkin is a fairly new huge building.
Class Work 3 We enjoyed sketching minibeasts
Class Work 4 ladybird
Class Work 5

Class work

Class work 1 careful work!
Class work 2 Scrafitti was fun!
Class work 3 Very proud boy!
Class work 4 Male Emperor Penguin looks after the chicks
Class work 5 Do you like Joseph's multicoloured coat ?
Class work 6 The brothers bowed down to Joseph
Class work 7 We had fun making 2D shapes with string!
Class work 8 Problem solving
Picture 1 Working with a partner minibeast dance
Picture 2 TRex...... watch out!
Picture 3 More2D shapes
Picture 4 Triangles in the cloakroom!
Picture 5 Writing about healthy eating
Picture 6 A balanced meal