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Mrs Price, Mrs Beechey Room 1

Hello and welcome to Room 1.

Both Mrs Price and Mrs Beechey have taught at Farnborough for many years and in all of the year groups over their time at the school.

Mrs Price has the role of Deputy head teacher so is in class for half of the week and working on all her other many roles in school on the other days. She is EYFS lead which means she is responsible for all of our younger children from the ~Caterpillars, Nursery and Reception. She has a son and daughter who currently attend school.

Mrs Beechey is in class at the end of the week and is Geography lead in school as well as EYFS lead in Maths. Archie, the reading dog, lives with Mrs Beechey and loves visiting the school every half term, his little sister Belle is far too cheeky to pass the assessment for being a Pets as Therapy dog. Mrs Beechey has two daughters but also is a foster carer for other children as needed.


All the staff in Room 1 are passionate about Early Years development of children. We believe that children learn best through play, so when school is fun the learning takes off. We have high expectations of all our children and believe in supporting and celebrating every child's achievement as a class. We make a great team, children and staff together. Children in our class have access to lots of exciting activities every day and lots of these will be shared on our class twitter page. Please follow @frisroom1 .

During the Reception year children develop at a rapid pace and through super exciting topics, Your support is much appreciated and is crucial in our team approach. Look out for weekly news outlining the activities for the next week. Reading is a key skill to learn in Reception, as a school we are striving for the children to read or be read with at home 5 times a week. Phonic and maths activities may also be sent as appropriate.

We look forward to working with both the children and parents to ensure each child reaches their full potential. 

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