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Mrs Rimmer Room 13

Welcome to Room 13!

We are looking forward to getting to know and spending lots of time with these wonderful Year 2 children; exploring exciting topics, learning fascinating facts, demonstrating our creativity abilities and physical skills whilst not forgetting to build on our basic skills in English and Maths so that everyone continues to make great progress and achieve their full potential.

We will encourage lots of participation in a wide range of differentiated practical and written activities; co-operation in group tasks, focus on independent studies and a desire to learn and achieve, whilst continuing to develop our ‘Growth Mindset’ strategies.

We will continue to work with the children, advising them how to ‘fix’ or improve their work and encouraging them to aim high and to always try their best.

Excellent behaviour, a positive attitude to work, good progress and successfully completed tasks will be rewarded with ‘Going for Green stickers’, subject stickers and chance box or group table rewards. The ‘Star of the Week’ award assembly is the highlight of the week especially for the two lucky recipients!

Look out for examples of our class work and activities on the school website and our twitter page. Remember we encourage regular contact with parents and carers because all of our children benefit from an outstanding team effort! We thank everyone for supporting daily reading and regular homework tasks and look forward to a year full of fun and super learning opportunities.

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Curriculum Planning Overview 2020-21