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Nursery Curriculum Autumn Term 2016

Welcome to all our new Nursery children and families.  The Butterfly, Ladybird and Bumblebee classes are all settling well into their new environment and routines.


We had a very busy first half term singing nursery rhymes and playing lots of games to get to know our new friends.  We have been learning about our 'good sitting, good looking and good listening' to help us get ready to learn.  We have also been singing our 'Golden Rule Song' to help us play and work in harmony.


We are continuing to look for the lovely signs of Autumn all around us and we have already spotted signs of frost! We have enjoyed learning about Autumn festivals and had lots of fun using the instruments, pom poms and scarves to make shapes and sounds like fireworks.  During the weeks up to Christmas we will be doing lots of activities to help us be a good friend and we will be having a 'Friendship Week' along with the rest of the school.  We will also be learning about night time and nocturnal animals.  We look forward to finding out the children's interests when they bring something in for 'Show and Tell'.  As we approach Christmas we will be singing lots of Christmas songs and making lots of Christmas crafts.


Remember to use the 'Our News Your News' books to keep in touch.  We will stick in 'Our News' every two weeks.  It would be lovely to see your child do a little drawing to go along with your words as it helps them to have ownership over their book.  Remember with such young children a few squiggles and marks is a very valuable start to drawing and writing!


Enjoy looking at the class photo pages to see what we have been doing!