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Nursery Curriculum Spring Term 2017

Our Spring Term started in the cold dark days of January, so we began the term thinking about winter. The children sorted clothes that we wear to keep us warm, using real clothes and then a computer game. We put together a selection of cold colours and the children made fabulous marks, mixing cold colours in their paintings. We have enjoyed songs, stories and rhymes with a Winter theme too. Outside we looked for ice on frosty mornings and had fun trying to melt ice to find the hidden toys! The children loved making a bird feeder to take home and hang in their garden.


Science and Technology Week has been a very exciting week. The children have been busy exploring magnets, shadows,a  dark den and bee bots in the school hall as well as lots of exciting investigation of changes in Nursery, while melting chocolate buttons, whisking eggs, baking bread,(yummy....lots of the parents commented on how lovely it smelt) and making a witches brew (bicarbonate of soda and vinegar)! 


During Chinese New Year the children can play in our Chinese restaurant role play, ordering a takeaway, writing orders, and use chopsticks! 


For the rest of the Spring Term, we are doing a 'Bear' Topic. As well as reading different bear themed books, we will focus on 'The Bear Hunt' and 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We will retell and act out the stories using puppets and props, sort objects for the 3 bears by size and set up a picnic for the bears counting out the plates and food. 


Every day we play a short listening or counting game in our key person groups. This includes 'Bertie the Bus' finding objects beginning with the same initial sound. Look out for our 'Sound of the Week' and see what you can find at home.