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Physical Development

Physical development helps children to gain confidence and a sense of well being and to feel the positive benefits of being healthy and active.


We encourage our children to be active and interactive and to improve their fine and gross motor skills of co-ordination, control, movement and manipulation through outdoor play, games, gymnastics and a variety of fun activities with a wide range of resources and equipment. We benefit from support from Sefton’s School Sports Co-ordinator and children have received specialist coaching in Tennis and Athletics.

Examples of extra curricular activities are: Cheer Leading, Sporty leaders, Running Club and Playground Games. We are involved in the local Schools Dance Festival and challenge ourselves to compete against other local schools in half termly Fit for Fun activities.

Please find the PE and Sport Policy and Gymnastic Apparatus Policy below.

Picture 1 Practising our balancing skills.
Picture 2 Stepping up and down.
Picture 3 Running with streamers waving in the air
Picture 4 Pushing the red barrel.
Picture 5 Peddling our bikes. It
Picture 6 Swinging on the bridge. Forwards and backwards.
Picture 7 Pouring water using different objects.
Picture 8 Making shapes in the sand.
Picture 9 Touching toes and rolling the ball to each other.
Picture 10 Counting how many rolls in a minute.