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Room 13 Mrs Hooton's Class

Art inspired by Kandinsky
Great moves in dance with Miss Vicky!
We loved using pastels!
A giant floor sculpture using circles and lines.
Using paint and pastel to create circles.
We had great fun!
What is our concert about?

Raising money for the Cystic Fibrosis charity.

Raising money for charity
Yellow races!
Yellow fun!
Yellow food!
Yellow games!
Having fun in P.E.
Making music with our voices and our bodies.
We have green fingers in room 13!
Having fun in P.E.
Celebrating together.
Celebrating together.
Looking very patriotic!
Thumbs up for the picnic lunch!
Thumbs up for the picnic lunch!
Celebrating together.
Queens and castles with construction!
Learning about Shakespeare in drama.
A great drama lesson!
We are very dramatic!
Working in black and white.
We followed our friends in P.E.
We loved creating a sequence.
Searching for little creatures in our garden.
What a beautiful day for a bug hunt!
We looked everywhere!
Will be get any beans on our huge beanstalk?