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Room 2 - Mrs Lea's Class - Autumn Term Page

Autumn Term 2

Bingo dabbing numbers and amounts
Fireworks artwork
Firework writing
Funny Bones Skeleton Drawings
Fire Fighter Visit
Fire engine drawings
Mr Potato head teaches senses!
Maths in PE 3
Maths in PE 2
Maths in PE 1
Part Part Whole 1
Part part whole 2
Part part whole 3
Part part whole 4
Investigating the sounds of african instruments
Fire fighters 1
Fire fighters 2
Fire fighters 3
Using larger apparatus in PE
Using larger apparatus in PE 2
Photographs we took 2
Photographs we took 1
Taking our own photographs in PE
Diwali rangoli patterns
Soup Making
Soup Tasting 1
Soup Tasting 2

Remembrance Activities

Lest we forget!
Looking at WW1 artefacts 1
Looking at WW1 artefacts 2
Making poppies
Poppy biscuit making 1
Poppy biscuit making 2
Putting our poppies up 1
Putting our poppies up 2
Putting our poppies up 3
Remembrance Day Memorial

Autumn Term 1

How great do our self portraits look!!!!!!!
Exploring the new reception play area.
We love yoga with Miss Vicky.
Getting busy with a shape activity.
Exploring the continuous provision.
Dance in the studio with Miss Nicky.
Library time!
Strike a pose! Its Yoga time again!
Sorting the sounds s, a, t, i and p
Numicon activity with numbers 1-4
Can you see the museum of 1?
Can you see the museum of 2?
Learning Jolly Phonics Sounds,
Sorting in the water.
Exploring Outdoors!
Fabulous cutting skills!
Practising doing and undoing buttons.
Striking a pose in Yoga.
Matching magnetic letters.
Beans game warm up in PE.
Matching character words to characters.
This week we are making the museum of 3.
Having a go at writing words with our phonics.
Developing gross motor skills on the bikes.
Autumn tree free painting on the classroom easel.
We love the bingo dabbers.  Hand eye coordination.
Bingo dabbers making letters.
Architects of the future.
Finding initial sounds.
Matching objects by initial sounds to letters.
Autumn berry art activity.
Look at our fabulous display.
Getting stronger in yoga!
Getting stronger in yoga!
Balancing and travelling in PE.
Balancing and travelling in PE.
Shape pictures using 2D shapes.
Funny Bones Skeleton Drawings
Harvest Assembly
Having Fun at the disco
Having fun with the Autumn Leaves
Disco Ready
Observational drawings of pumpkins
Maths fun in Room 2
Using larger apparatus in PE
Using larger apparatus in PE 2
Reading Dog Visit Group 1
Segmenting and Blending words