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Room 4 Mrs Beechy and Miss Chapman's Class

Picture 1 Counting and ordering
Picture 2 Happy Friday!

Junior Chef

Junior Chef 1 Balancing cups
Junior Chef 2 Counting blueberries
Junior Chef 3 Pouring granola
Junior Chef 4 Pressing granola
Junior Chef 5 Trying different fruit
Junior Chef 6 Mixing yoghurt and rasberries
Junior Chef 7 Pouring yoghurt is tricky!
Junior Chef 8 Our finished products

Junior Chef- mashing our raspberries!!

Still image for this video

Junior chef- counting blueberries carefully!

Still image for this video
Picture 1 Learning how to make paper planes.
Picture 2 We had a lovely time painting our house!
Picture 3 Washing the babies in the sun.
Picture 4 A busy time writing and counting!
Picture 1 Working hard in gymnastics!
Picture 2 Look what shape I have made!
Picture 3 Another great PE lesson!
Picture 4 Working hard at our Sports Relief circuit
Picture 5 A little bit of teamwork with the tyres
Picture 1 Balancing in gymnastics!
Picture 2 Playing with bubbles
Picture 3 We did a maths challenge!
Picture 4
Picture 5 One of our show and tells
Picture 6 Can you copy the picture?
Picture 7 Making our favourite characters for book week!
Picture 8 Showing our friends our favourite stories!

Don't forget Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2016

Don't forget Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2016 1
Picture 1 Ordering numbers
Picture 2 Telling a story
Picture 3 Meeting a new friend
Picture 4 Making things during 'Science and Technology' week
Picture 5 Exploring technology
Picture 6 Exploring with lego
Picture 7 Looking at our reflections
Picture 8 I made a wheelbarrow!
Picture 9 Body and movement patterns to music
Picture 10 Acting out '3 Billy Goats Gruff'
Picture 11 Warming up!
Picture 12 Carrying equipment safely
Picture 13 Showing off a balance
Picture 14 Can you show me a tricky balance?
Picture 15 Travelling in a variety of ways
Picture 16 Playing outside with our friends