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Room 5 Mrs Fletcher's Class

In the Spring Term we found out all about the rainforests of the world. We even made our own! This week we took them home and our classroom is now ready for our next exciting topic 'Heroes and Villains'.
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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Our term got off to a delicious start with a visit from 'Junior Chef'. We all had to wear special hats and aprons. The task was to make a healthy breakfast using fruit, granola and yoghurt. What a great reason to get up early in the morning for! 
Picture 1 The special ingredients!
Picture 2 'YES CHEF!
Picture 3 Say 'cheese'.
Picture 4 Now for the tricky bit!
Picture 5 I wish I could eat mine now!
Picture 6 Did chef say 'mash it ' or 'eat it'?
Picture 7 I hope I don't forget to add all the ingredients.
Picture 8 Look out Mary Berry!
Picture 9 This is harder than it looks.
Picture 10 Great British Bake- Off here I come!
Picture 11 Team work.
Picture 12 TA DAH!
Picture 13 Miss Barnforth and Mrs Fletcher made one too.