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Room 5 - Mrs Fletcher's Class

We loved studying daffodils to make a sketch for our Mother's Day cards.

Don't forget Safer Internet Day on the 9th February 2016

During Science and Technology Week, we posted letters to our family. E- mails are quicker, but not as much fun!
I can't reach!
Good job I'm tall.
I hope my letter arrives soon.
This is for you mummy xx
Don't forget your stamp!

The 'Wild Workshop' was fascinating! We enjoyed exploring the activities in the hall too.

Jake wrote a Winter Poem and read it to the class.
Lucy wrote a poem and helped us perform it!
We have been to Chester Zoo!
We spotted colourful tree frogs.
It's hot in the Tropical Realm!
Look who is following us. He wants our lunch!
What is everyone looking at?
Surprise! It's the sloth.
We are on the bridge, looking through the canopy.
Mmmmm hungry work.
 We were all sleepy on the way home!
We have had an 'eggstra special ' week because we have been looking after the chickens! They are kept in the Junior Playground. You can visit them after school. We have taken it in turns to clean the coop, feed them and make sure they have enough clean water.They love eating the scraps from our lunch too. It's great fun! One day we collected 16 eggs! Did you know that hens need to eat bits of stones and shell? It gives them enough calcium to make eggs.
'Feeding time!'
Wow! Scrambled eggs for tea!
Can I take this one home?
Yuk! Chicken feed... I'd rather go to Subway.
'Let us out Mrs Fletcher!'
This one is my favourite.
This is much more fun than school work!
Don't drop the eggs!
Phew! Sixteen perfect eggs.