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Year 1 Curriculum - Summer Term 2017

Summer Term - here are some of the things we will be doing!

Year 1 are exploring the topic 'Then and Now' by finding out about the Victorians with an old-fashioned school day and comparing it to now. We will also find out about space and the first landing of the men on the moon. 

The children will enjoy their after school clubs of cheerleading, lego, drama and craft. Little Kickers continues for the keen footballers! Some of us are enjoying early morning judo classes.

We are thrilled to be learning about more sports like volley ball and tag-rugby with our Sports coach. We are also having some contemporary dance sessions with a dance teacher paid for by the Sports Funding.

In Mathematics we are continuing to develop our calculation skills, practising our number doubles, number bonds to 20, quick recall of number facts within 10 and 20 and recognising place value. We are learning how to tell the time; recognise and describe 2D and 3D shapes; measure with a ruler, simple weights and explore capacity.

In English we are continuing to read as often as we can enjoying fiction, non-fiction, poetry and library books. We are trying to improve our handwriting by remembering our Basic Skills and developing a neat cursive style. We will enjoy drama and circle times taking turns with speaking and listening.

Each Year 1 class will also get the chance to look after the school chickens for a week, we are really looking forward to that! 

Next half term our topic is 'Summer Fun' and we will be using some great stories to develop our learning themes. 

We will also be looking forward to rehearsing and learning our concert, Arts Week and Sports events and the Dance Festival.

Please keep checking our web pages and twitter account for updated information and photos.