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Year 2 Spring Term Curriculum

Happy New Year and welcome to  Spring Term in Year 2.


Our terrific new topic 'Sparks' was sparked into life on the very first day back on 4th January, when we were visited by Tempus Fugit Theatre Company. The show detailed the life of the famous British diarist Samuel Pepys around the time of 'The Great Fire of London'. Children and staff were highly entertained by this informative, interactive and fun dramatic recount of the fire. This history topic has been interwoven with our work in English and the children have clearly been inspired; producing some excellent diary entries and wonderful paintings.


In English we are working hard to think about our writing, plan it then write it. After completion of a task all children are being encouraged to read through their work and edit it with a 'purple pen of progress'. Applying skills being taught in 'Spelling, Phonics and Grammar' lessons is very important. 



Science and Technology Week at the end of January was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. One of the highlights was the Wild Workshop led by Steve who had us all spell bound with a powerful microscope attached to a big screen which showed the breathing hole of a snail and a baby snail emerging from a shell! It was fascinating. The mice were so cute and it was great conducting an investigation by tallying how many times a mouse went into a  small or long tunnel to mimic hiding from danger, just like in real life, hiding from a predator. It turned out there was no real preference and depended on the personality of the individual mouse. Some are shy and some are bold, just like us! In the school hall there were a variety of scientific activities  offered for the children to explore such as making electrical circuits, programming bee-bots and building moon buggies. However, the absolute favourite was the addition of a new black out tent and a selection of torches to explore light and shadows.


During this week some fabulous Design and Technology work has taken place involving making cards with moving parts. The children have been brilliant 'Paper Engineers' and made cards with pop-ups, sliders, levers and rotating mechanisms. Unfortunately, these will not be available to buy in the shops!


A fantastic drama lesson devised by Mrs. Fletcher  helped children think about moving and sounding like machines. The still images and soundscapes they produced were amazing!

During our SEAL (Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning) sessions we have been thinking about the type of learner we are.  Do we learn by looking, listening, or doing?  We have had fun persevering with the task of folding paper in different directions (Origami) and making friendship chains. We have each set ourselves goals to achieve and have been practising and trying our very best to achieve them.  We can do it! no