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Year One Curriculum Autumn Term 2016

This term we have been learning about 'Changes'. We have studied the work of artists Mondrian and Andy Goldsworthy. We have looked for signs of Autumn in our local area.   We have visited St John's Church in Birkdale. We have been history detectives, and looked at old school pictures. We conducted a simple waterproofing investigation. We also learned about the Guy Fawkes story and linked this to Bonfire night. During friendship week we read the book 'Beegu' and explored what it is to be a good kind friend. In P.E. we have been learning how to play lacrosse, practising throwing and catching with a partner. In Drama, we have been learning to create a still image with good expression and body language. 


During our English lessons we have been writing using our basic skills: capital letters to start a sentence, fingerspaces between words, sitting letters on the line, finishing a sentence with  a fullstop. We are beginning to use 'and' to extend our sentences. We are continuing to practise our cursive handwriting, using pencils, pens and Ipads. 

We are trying hard to learn our keywords, practising our sounds and spellings. 


During Mathematics we have been learning to read and write numbers to 100. Also, order a set of numbers to 50 and 100. We have also been learning to identify the number one more or one less of any given number. We have been learning to count in twos, fives, and tens. Also, counting forwards and backwards in ones within 100. We have also been learning and reciting number doubles and halves from 0-10.