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Year Two Curriculum Autumn Term 2016

Hooray for health!


What a fantastic start to the term we had! It was lovely to meet all our parents at the extremely well attended "Stay, share and learn" sessions and parents evening.


We had an exciting theatre visit from Florence Nightingale who came to tell us all about her life and the impact she had on nursing. Staff nurse Brookman told us all about modern day nursing and demonstrated how to use some of the equipment she needs for her job. She helped us to understand the differences between nursing now and in the past. Doctor Stevens had a really special book all about the human body. It inspired some of us to want to be doctors and nurses in the future! We enjoyed finding out about how to keep healthy which involved making a fruit salad in D and T, exploring food groups and designing healthy meals. There was a fun investigation about which soap was the most effective at cleaning away germs. We got very messy as we used paint to represent the germs! 


During our SPPAG lessons we have been developing our understanding of noun phrases and different types of sentences. In our writing we have tried to use commands, exclamations, statements and questions to make it more interesting for the reader. The read to succeed challenge has motivated us to read daily and we look forward to taking home our class reading dog. 


We have been challenged to improve the presentation of our work and some of us are using cursive writing. The weekly spelling quiz is helping us to increase accuracy when spelling common exception words. Do you know all of your year 2 words yet? 


In Maths we have been investigating place value, number patterns, multiplication, addition and subtraction and fractions. We have all approached the challenge of ten minute maths calculations and minute maths with determination. We are using equipment such as Numicon, number lines and rods and ones plus making jottings to help with our mathematical thinking. 


We have been really lucky this term to have been introduced to lacrosse and worked with a sports coach. Some of us have been really busy with taekwondo lessons before school and Fundamental Football after school. On space for sport we have been developing our hockey skills.


Ukulele club is really popular and we are currently working on a performance piece with Mr Lilley. We can't wait to hear it! We are busy learning Christmas songs ready for the Christmas production "It's a baby!" Every Monday night some of us participate in Christmas craft club. It is really exciting and is making us all feel festive. 


What a busy term it has been so far! 


Thank you for your continued support,

Year 2 team