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Speaking, listening and learning to read and write in a range of situations and for a range of purposes are central elements in our planned curriculum.


We teach Systematic Synthetic Phonics throughout the school as a discrete lesson - starting with Jolly Phonics in Nursery and Reception.


We believe children learn to read using a mixture of synthetic phonics and building a strong sight vocabulary. We therefore use a range of reading schemes including Read, Write inc, Oxford Reading Tree and Storyworld but this is also supplemented with a range of other books. Books are colour coded using the book banding system.


We also encourage children to read a range of genre; fiction, non-fiction poetry and plays. All children also have the opportunity to visit our school library each week and choose a book to share with their parent/carer.

We support our pupils in the development of their communication skills through rhymes and songs, favourite stories, fiction and non-fiction books, an environment rich in print and through conversations. The development of writing skills also includes a variety of genres as well as handwriting and spelling of key words.

Please find the English Policy below

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English Policy